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Non-woven bags reusable and eco-friendly for shopping grocery

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Non-Woven Bags – Reusable and eco-friendly  for Retail Shopping

Non-woven is a popular material and widely used in packaging industry , especial the bags . It is  becoming one of the most popular types of reusable bags for business field especial retail use .

What are the reasons driving the popularity?


The bags are made with non-woven polypropylene,or PP for short. And there are also the other raw material ,such as PET ,PLA for short,but not in common use. So we mainly pay our attention on the  Non-woven polypropylene bags, which are made by melting polypropylene polymers in a high temperature and spinning them into long fluffy threads and then pressing the threads together to get a flexible fabric with a weave-like texture. The production process is simple and output per day is high, which is why they're economical and affordable. The generally cost less to manufacture non-woven cloth than woven, personalized non-woven tote bags cost less per unit than those made from regular, woven cloth. 


These are 100% green , Eco-friendly and recyclable . These do not release toxic gas or chemical while being disposed of. You can recycle non-woven bags and help to keep our nature clean and green. PP has a less stable chemical structure, it is liable to chain degradation.

Reuse :

Contrasted with the conventional shopping bags, the non-woven bags are dependable and can last up to 5 years. Basically, these bags can be utilized and reused a few hundred times and can convey more loads when contrasted with the customary shopping bags. These bags are water-resistant, attractive . These bags won’t break, tear or wear out like paper bags . So, non-woven bags definitely rank better than the other counterparts.

Advertising Tool:

On the non-woven bag, printing can be done. So there are a lot of non-woven bag manufacturers who can print a logo as well as the brand name of the company and creates attractive bags . So non-woven bag can prove to be a great advertising tool for companies.

Liquid Repellent:

Usually, on the outer of the Non-woven bags , there is a layer of opp lamination ,which can proof water effectively.  So you can carry these bags in rainy season .

Wide usage:

Intend usage: shopping tote bag, picnic bag, grocery bag,storage bag,laundry bag etc



Images of Reusable Customized Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags


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